Friday, June 11, 2010

Starting over

Last night Andy and I decided that we've been rushing into everything because were so desperate to have our live the way it was before the deployment. So now were going to be taking it one day at a time. Which I'm hoping will help out our marriage ... Onto some other news Andy was told to go to legal because of the way his unit is treating him so he might either get his full rank back or get to become at least a E-2 which would be GREAT!!! and it would take a LOAD off my mind lol but what would be REALLY GREAT!! is if they decided to PCS us out of Texas and away from fort hood YAY! ... NOW about our cutiepie Sophie who is becoming a little known it all and she's not even 1! she's starting to eat with her hands and she's starting to get the hang of crawling which scares me to death. Because my mom told me that once little girls start to move and talk it will all go down hill from there lmao. And she is discovering her own voice which is SO funny she'll just randomly start screaming and then bust out laughing... Tho we have noticed that she is upset with mommy because i lowered her crib down so she couldn't fall out. See Back when my mom came down here she had gotten Sophie a fish mobile that she absolutely loves but since mommy lowered her bed down she cant touch them :_( and she's pissed off!! I've noticed that she tends to get frustrated when she cant get it down right away.

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